Exhibit: The Consent of Dreams

New Artwork by TINDEL, MICHI, FELICIANO and SEBASTIANThe Consent to Dreams is about giving in to the images, thoughts and emotions that occur in the mind during sleep.  Throughout history humans have tried to understand the meaning of dreams. These visions are the transportation into the familiar yet unknown. Here the mind takes over.  Dreams can be useful tools to help find solutions to problems or view the world from a different perspective.  Are they a reflection of the subconscious or spiritual messages from the divine?  Could dreams be the visions of future knowledge?

Consent to Dreams Flyer

In the follow up to the highly successful Los Angeles exhibition "Coast to Coast Butter Toast", John Tindel, Michi and Alex Feliciano collaborate to explore the possibilities of giving into the dream.  They create visions of a world in which the rules of reality need not apply.  In their journey each symbol represents a feeling, an ancestral identity, a mood or a recall from the collective unconscious.  Look closely at the characters, animals, objects, places, emotions, and even color.  The most trivial can be significant.

The Consent to Dreams opens on November 13th with a reception from 7pm until 11pm. The exhibition will be on display through mid-December at Art Department, Pavilion at Studioplex, 659 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312.  For more information, please contact Amy Hollibaugh at 404.849.9550.