Studio Sale! Cleaning Out the Think Tank

I need space. I need to evolve. I need to get rid of this artwork.

Take a look at the gallery below, or download the pdf and see what John Tindel has available. He has been known to burn paintings to make room for new ones. Just sayin'. If you are seriously interested in any or all the pieces, contact us and we will get you a price list.

The Creative Life

Small Batch Creativity from the American South specializes in "Small Batch Creativity from the American South". Complete building of a brand and iconic southern creative.

TCP • 6th Annual Benefit • VIP Preview of NINE

Join us for 6th Annual Benefit & VIP Preview of "NINE"

"NINE" Showcases the aesthetic exploration of our artists as they expand their visual vernacular and continue to move towards promising creative horizons while in residence with TCP. It is a celebration of the organization's continued success and the residual impact of the generous support we have gained from our city and its communities, with contributions of time, resources, and an overall spirit of giving.

"Can do that" Campaign

Between September 8 and October 4, 2014, YP again took over the sixth-most-visited tourist attraction in the world, a NYC landmark through which nearly half a million people visit each day.

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Make Every Day Local UX/UI

YP's "Make Every Day Local" campaign involved using "Influencers" to showcase the features of the app.  Development of a new and more creative way of showcasing the influencers, their brand and associated brands on a unique scrolling layout.