DIY Plexiglass Sign/Art with Spray Paint

What you need: Plexiglass, Vinyl cut-out of design (we used a Silhouette Cutter), and some spray paint (we used Montana Gold®), masking tape, and scissors.

STAY CREATIVE: presents an awesome way to create a plexiglass sign or art from spray paint and a vinyl mask. In the video we used Plexiglass, Spray paint and a vinyl cutout form a Silhouette vinyl cutting machine. Please like us and subscribe to the channel to see more videos when they are released.

Ping Pong Ball Smoke Bombs

What you need: Ping Pong Balls, Aluminum Foil, Lighter, Scissors

STAY CREATIVE: presents an easy way to make a ninja smoke screen out of simple Ping Pong Balls, Aluminum Foil and Heat. Please LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE to see what future videos we come up with. BE SAFE: Please have an adult with you during this experiment and use all safety precautions.