ARTWORK IN PROGRESS: Men Are Born. Kings Are Made.

I have a few new pieces in the works right now.  Wanted to get a good photo up of this one. 6 feet long.  Only working big for a little while. Still in progress. This piece is called "Men are Born. Kings are Made." (click image to view larger)

"Men are born. Kings are made. Treaties are signed. Wars are fought. Every country has its own problems. Let us bind our wounds... and leave together in peace." - Fela Kuti

FEBRUARY EVENTS: High-Brow and some Hustlin'

I have two things going on this month in my little art world.  My first event is a visit to the high-brow world of the ART PAPERS Art Auction.  I have put in probably one of my freshest pieces in this year. Next, I am painting LIVE at Alcove Gallery during an event on the 13th.  I have been wanting to paint LIVE again, and I will be in full force painting  a collab with H.C. Warner. Love yall. - TINDEL


Collectors' Preview Friday, February 5, 2010 - 7 to 9 pm

Silent Auction Saturday, February 6, 2010 - 7 to 10 pm

Online Auction Open Closes Friday, 9 am EST, February 5, 2010

Click on painting to bid on TINDEL's work "Daughter of the Revolution" (Southern Klimt) ____________________________________________________________________


About RAD: The RAD Studio Cruise returns on Saturday, February 13, 2010 with an even more spectacular lineup of studio tours, art exhibitions and demonstrations. Since its inception three years ago, RAD has become a powerhouse independent arts event, emphasizing the immediacy and proximity of fine art and fine craft in the Atlanta area. Thousands of people have attended each year, getting a glimpse of artists in action, and in some cases even participating in the creation process.

I'm at the ALCOVE GALLERY: TINDEL will be painting LIVE at Alcove Gallery during this event.  Come by and visit the gallery and watch it happen.  Here's a map.

ART SHOWS: Art Beats and Lyrics + Gentleman Jack + TINDEL

I have been creating artwork for this traveling tour for awhile now.  I wanted to put together some of the photos from the event.  I call the artwork that I have done for Art, Beats and Lyrics, "Post Graffiti Folk Expressionism".

Art and music were once the voice of the people. It was an underground movement driven by the need for expression. Somewhere along the way, art became available only to the elite and music profited only the few. At that point the artist lost control of their creation. Art, Beats + Lyrics is taking it back.

Visit Art, Beats and Lyrics to see when it is coming to your town. To see learn more about the paintings visit The Artwork section.