Equinox by TindelMichi

Equinox by TindelMichiThis piece has a little story behind it.We were asked by Citysearch, CWPR and The Art Department to come paint LIVE for a benefit event they were having at the gallery.  I having to kids and little time forgot to build a custom canvas for the event... so... in the studio I creep to find something that could use a buffing.  I grabbed one of our paintings that was left out of our Mint Julep Exhibit.  It was a clean simple piece with the handcut phrase "Whiskey Always Made Her Feel Warm Inside" on it.  So I kissed it goodbye and head down to the gallery for a live dual between Michi and myself.

It was a nice little gig.  Great folks and good food and drink.  Saw some old friends an met a bunch of new folk.  Michi and I painted LIVE for about 4 hours during the event.  The piece was auctioned off during the event to the highest bidder. I wanted to work on it a little more and varnish it for the collector.

Been working on the TindelMichi painting for about a week since the event and it turned out nice.  I went folkonya with the deer.  Classic TINDELMICHI.