DESIGN: (Last 1/2) 2010 TINDEL Business Cards


I was up late last night and decided I needed some new business cards.  They are one of my favorite things to make, all basically little experiments.  I see folks and they pull out a card I used in 2007 or I have, on rare occasion, seen a 1999 card resurface.  Me likey. Anyway, I have some new business cards available at the Kai Lin Gallery :: ZENITH Exhibit :: September 17th.  I will also be painting some fresh shoes for Bloomingdales and Details Magazine on the 18th. Come out, get my new card for your roloflex and tell me what you think.  Big Like Mofo©. I am also putting together a page that shows the different designs from over the years. Including the TINDELMICHI Trash Marketing© cards.