COMMISSION: On the Tracks


On the Tracks side viewOn every commissioned painting, I have a secret page on the site for you to see the updates... in turn, you can see the process I went through with the clients to come up with a perfect painting and, in this case, a wedding gift from the husband to the bride.  Awesome. See below...

This is the commission page for the original painting "On The Tracks".

1. "On The Tracks" by John Tindel - Commission: 18″ x 24″ x 2.5″ canvas/ gallery wrap. I started working on it in the woods of Helen, but became very sick and had to take off, so didnt get as much work as I had planned on it.  I went with canvas, so that I could carry it around and work on it easier.  The photo below is the start (it is always rough in the beginning.  The blue part is the tape I use to mask off areas.  Also, you can see a faint line which is the size of the piece. Will update soon.  Should be working on it more tonight.

Commission: DW 1 2. Starting to add a little detail.  The color is off on the photo.  The first post has more accurate colors.  I am going to figure a way to start adding the train design.  May just be like a schematic sketch or something.  I wrapped the canvas around a painting to see the crop of the image.  The final piece will have nice thick sides with the image wrapped onto those sides.

On The Tracks Commission by John Tindel

3. The first photo is of the frame that I am putting the piece on.  The image will wrap around the sides and look awesome.

The second image is of the piece now.  The bird was going to be the next thing I add to the piece. It is a handcut piece I did the other night.  I am not sure what colors I am going to use, but I think it look fresh swooping your eyes down.  I think the actual size of the bird is a little smaller than my comped idea. I also, put silver leaf on the text, makes it pop, and there is a little iron colored spray paint.  I wanted to add the metal colors, to symboliz the train.  Let me know your thoughts, and I will continue working ont he piece.  Should need about three more nights of work to finish.

Frame for piece.

DW Commission with overlayed idea.

4. This is the finished piece.  Looks fresh.

On the Tracks by TINDEL On the Tracks side view

On the Tracks top view

© John Tindel.