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TindelMichi—Election for "Cring of the South"

October 23, 2008

By Susannah Darrow

John Tindel and Michi, on the official "Cring of the South Ballot"John Tindel (Left); Michi Meko (right) on the official "Cring of the South" ballot

John Tindel and Michi Meko prepare for a historic election, culminating on November 1st at Art Department Gallery. The collaborative duo is breaking their ties as TindelMichi to compete head-to-head for the title of “Cring of the South”—while poking fun at the political climate we are seeing in the presidential debates. I met with the candidates at Tindel’s home studio last week as the two were getting into the swing of the election.

Click below for a demonstration:

T: We’ve been dipping bottle rockets in paint and exploding them. Fireworks.

M: That’s how you get a good splatter.

T: I like the firecracker. It’s kinda innocent. —TindelMichi

In their “campaign materials” and in their upcoming live debate, the artists use popular rhetoric and manipulative tactics to malign the competition and win the votes. Tindel and Michi discuss how they plan to prove themselves as individuals and not just as members of a collaborative:

Michi, Think Different

I am planning to out paint and out think John. I am out concepting him. I am going to get the people behind me. I’m battling the big 50% that goes to the galleries. I’m not afraid to take the big 50%. My other topic is Black Liberation Theology. Those are my political agendas. I’m rallying the people. I’m battling pork barrel galleries. —Michi

Vote Tindel

John Tindel became heavily involved in the world of imaginary expansion at a very young age. As his talent and ability to create progressed, Tindel began tackling social, economic, and creative issues with his unique imagery, highly admired wit, and a hunger for a better life. Exploring the Southern United States for inspiration, Tindel was exposed to a lifestyle of values, hard work, pride, and authentic homemade fried chicken and biscuits. —The Campaign To Elect John Tindel

More paintings. Better paintings. Voter fraud. —Tindel

M: We wanted to do our older style—us just battling each other. I am doing my new style.

T: So introduce something. Michi is going to beat me with wit.

M: I am introducing something new.

T: I want micro-celebrity…I guess that is like YouTube celebrities. The ones with no money. —TindelMichi

Tindel, detail of a work in progress

Check out the live debate and election results at Art Department Gallery on Sat. Nov. 1. (Art Department shares its space with The Bureau, the new bar/restaurant at 327 Edgewood Ave.) Be sure to vote beforehand for either “candidate” at the Whiskey Thump blog.

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