Baby Lamb Commission


Just finished this commissioned piece and wanted to share with you the entire process. If you are interested in a commission, please visit the commission page for information.

Your Commission Page

This will be the password protected (only yall can see it) page where I will update and where you can post comments and suggestions. I will put the quote below. Let me know if you want to go ahead and start it. I have all the details here, but basically I do 50% up front and then the rest once they are delivered.

Lamb Painting

This piece will be fresh. Going to go all out on it and create a really cool painting. Later we can discuss the finish/varnish type to put on it. I want to put a good amount of work into it. Will be legendary. Start with the picture below for inspiration.I think the lamb that I created is going to look awesome when I add the details.

Lamb Update #1

Purchased the large piece of canvas to start the painting, and built the wood frame to stretch the canvas. As you can see by the logo I made for you above, I am working on getting the lamb designed out. It is going to look fresh. I will update when I start working on the canvas.

Lamb Update #2

Below is a slideshow of the background. Backgrounds are just rough - trying to get some color on the blank canvas. (Images are large so may take a second to load)

[nggallery id=9]

Lamb Update #3

Worked a bunch on the lamb. I love it.

[nggallery id=10]

Will post more photos soon. working on the background, then going to add the ground and start some fresh text on the bottom.

[nggallery id=11]

Lamb Update #4

Sorry about the photo... it is from my phone, but I have aged the piece a bit, and I was going to add the text next. After that it is just brightening up with some accent colors and should be good to go. I wanted to do the text in the cursive style behind the lamb kind-of in the sky. let me know what you think

Lamb Update #5

You can faintly see where I putting the text. I like the ribbon-like style so it is not super obvious but floating. I am going to detail the text a bunch more.

Lamb Update #6

Think I am almost there just need to figure out one more thing to add some more blue. Yet again a picture from the phone.

Lamb Update #7

BOOM! Hope you like it. We can set up delivery at your convenience.

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