TINDEL + ABL + Gentleman Jack

TINDEL + Gentleman Jack + Art Beats & Lyrics
TINDEL + Gentleman Jack + Art Beats & Lyrics


I have been involved with the Art, Beats and Lyrics Tour since they formed it and had their first show at the High Museum.  Michi had some TINDELMICHI's up during the run at the High.  Since then the show has evolved, and this it is going to be something great.  Online artwork that is available at the shows, merchandise from the artists and then the huge names that have sponsored it like Gentleman Jack, Vise and Spotify.

So, I have two 8 foot walls that make a corner.  I have been creating the wall, that the artwork will be displayed on.  I am creating pieces just for ABL and just to go with this wall.  Each piece will be for sale, and if they sell, I make more.  I like to show the creatioin of the piece, and then tease you with the artwork that will be on them at the show and sold that night. BOOM! My wall is all grey/blue with a serpent in the middle/corner of the wall.  Below is the in progress photo of the wall.

Coming Soon! (getting images off the phone.)