Tindel + Forward Warrior + ABV Art Gallery

Forward Warrior is a live painting event organized and curated by Atlanta artist Peter Ferrari. It brings artists and communities together to create large scale murals over a single day.


The current group, hosted by ABV GALLERY showcases work from a number of the artists who have participated in the events over the past three years.

Artists include:

[tcl_row][tcl_column size="1/2"]Sam Parker Will Mitchell Amy Ashbaugh Peter Ferrari Brandon Sadler Ashleigh Fedo Corey Davis Catlanta Trek Matthews Paper Frank Miya Bailey[/tcl_column] [tcl_column size="1/2"]Dr. Dax Molly Rose Freeman Lonnie Garner Mr. Soul 216 Josh Feigert Nick Benson Phillip Oliver John Tindel Cas 1 Michael Mauldin[/tcl_column][/tcl_row]

It also leads into our next installment of Forward Warrior, which will be held the next day in Cabbagetown on Saturday, June 7th.  Be sure to make it out to see a whole new group of artists create a whole new mural along Wylie St. Art.

See you there!



TINDEL vs MICHI: The Election

November 2008
Art Department Gallery
Atlanta, Ga

About the Exhibit

The show was an election.  Votes were cast and decisions were made.  One of the freshest exhibits in Atlanta's history crowned a Cring of the South.  Viewers were inside of an exhibit, the postcards for the exhibit were ballots that you tore in half and voted on your favorite artist.  In the back, TINEL & Michi were painting on a huge pice of wood while viewers dropped notes to the artist and they incorporated everything into the work. Watch video to see who it was. New South Movement historical footage.