JUSTINK + TINDEL + MICHI Collaboration

Finally got some photos up of the collaboration that myself, Justin K and Michi did at Alcove Gallery.  These photos were from the second night of work, and I still dont have a good final shot of the piece, but will soon.  The drinks were flowing and I was suppose to handcut "Sugar Dusted" on the piece, but messed up and wrote "Supper Dusted"  so the newest slang term was invented.  All the kids are saying it.  The work will be available for sale in the next coming weeks.  Truly a one-of-a-kind painting. Here is a rough shot of the final.  Sorry for the quality, but I think it is from Justin's iPhone...

"SupperDusted" by JustinK - John Tindel - Michi 48" x 60" acrylic/aerosol paint, graphite on canvas Painted LIVE during two days of sessions at Alcove Gallery, Decatur, Ga.