Art Show: Greenworks at Art Department Gallery

"Thinking About Green" by John Tindel"Thinking About Green 1  and 2" by John Tindel 24" x 24" mixed media on canvas. 2009.

‘Green’ is the new buzzword of the 21st century.  Art Department’s new rotating exhibition GreenWorks explores various artists’ interpretations of what ‘green’ means to them – from the modern-day definition of eco-friendliness to the original concept of the color itself to everything in between.  Participating artists include Luis Garcia-Nerey, John Tindel, Anke Schofield, Michi, Dosa Kim, Nina Surel, Robert Mars, Melissa Sims, Shaun Thurston, Esteban Patino, Elif Bridges, David Huff, Emmy Dudley and Jeff Lange.

GreenWorks opens on July 10th with a reception from 7pm until 11pm.  A sneak preview of GreenWorks will be available at Studioplex’s Second Wednesdays ( on July 8th from 6pm until 8:30pm.  This exhibition will be on display through September 6th with a regular rotation of different artists’ works throughout the duration.  Art Department is located at the Pavilion at Studioplex, 659 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312.  For more information, please contact Amy Hollibaugh at 404.849.9550.