I will have a new piece up in this exhibit which begins on Friday, July 9th, 2010.  Information below.

Theme: Arizona (SB 1070): License to ILL [American Immigration]

*Works on display July 9-23, 2010*

Reception July 16, 2010 6p-10:30p

Featured Artist: Brian Steele "Uncle Sam Cam" (Elian) 72x48

Bethany Collins EMER Ting Ying Han Terry Hardy Pilar Martinez David Morris M.Ryan Nabulsi Phokus Ivan Riascos John Tindel

Legalized racial profiling in 2010 offers us an opportunity to evaluate America’s creed- Land of the free. Arizona’s contemporary effort ‘to discourage illegal immigration’ conveys that the sentiments offered by Lady Liberty are at its tipping point. This pending precipice goes to the heart of our democracy, a democracy based on opportunities for everyone that employs the drive of the rugged individual. Contemporary racial profiling points to the existence of an alternative government, similar to an Autocracy- a government that takes into account Noble birth.

The concept of an America intolerable of immigrants is contrary to its foundation. A nation of immigrants is what we are. This license to ill (SB 1070) confronts Roland Barthes’s “Death of the author” (1968) head on. In it, the author does not add to the importance of the text, image, lyric, concept, or nation-eliminating the value imparted on an object because of whose collection it is in. While this is concept is used in contemporary art to bolster the likes of Warhol and Koons, this sentiment like Lady Liberty is problematic. An accurate discourse would reveal that while the bourgeois may appropriate and transcend their authorship, it is clear that this transcendence is not reciprocal to the proletariat. The proletariat/minority is required to constantly prove it is authentic -Christopher Hutchinson

*As with all our Exhibitions all artists and mediums are welcomed including opposing viewpoints-We encourage healthy discourse*

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