Step 1 in becoming a bad-ass digital illustrator

Step 1

Well... step one is easy. Decide to this.

How I Start

As a designer I am always saving inspiring images that I come across online, in life or by accident. For this challenge I am going to start with this pretty cool antique illustration of a tiger. This is where I start. This is the only idea I have at this point. I like tigers.



When I do client work, there are a few things that I like to set up before I actually open this thing and get to discovering what my style may be. Like to get a folder ready on the desktop with some sub folders for archiving and putting assets in.

Next, like to choose a color scheme either by chance or I will become a zombie and just feed myself scrolls and scrolls of color palettes on sites like and which just give you a database of infinite color combinations. I feel like I should call this over stimulation of palettes "flooding" because it makes it easier to connects the dots between unique color combinations and it lets you feel what colors you need by seeing so many levels of colors. 

After choosing where i want to start, getting a little organized, and giving myself a beta color palette, I would go ahead and jump into this illustration.

I like to start playing...


TO BE CONTINUED... totally fired out the gate on this post... but drizzled after cutting out the tiger. Get back on it soon.

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