Hilton DoubleTree Atlanta Mural

This mural was created on large roll of canvas, then applied to the wall. Love this way, because it can be done offsite, it is an original painting on canvas and you can sell it when you are tired of it. Check in and go check it out. There is a bunch of other great local artist in their as well. Fresh.

Below, I tried to keep track of the entire process through photos and videos. So hard to paint and try to be a producer of content. ugh. Love the historical value for families and other artist to see though.



Artist: John Tindel
Dimensions: 144" x 60" x 3.25"
Medium: Acrylic, spray paint on gallery wrapped stretched canvas

*** This page is where I will attempt to take you along in the journey that is making a piece of artwork. The painting is 12 feet by 5 feet and needs to feel like it is from the south, from Atlanta. Check back often to see the progress!


MAR 31

Was able to work on the last little details at my house. The painting doesn't really fit anywhere in the home, but found a way to make it work. Varnish was added. The U-Haul was loaded and we had a great drop off at the new Hilton going up on the perimeter of Atlanta. Awesome to work with a great company NineDotArts.com





MAR 29

Took down the piece from the studio wall and brought it back to my house. Was able to get a custom canvas stretcher system ordered from Richeson Art Co. Aluminum frame reduces the weight and the stability is awesome. Total pain stretching something that large, but it is stretched. Next step is to finish up a few things I want to add... then varnish and deliver. This is my new favorite painting.



MAR 26

Painted, Painted and painted. Was able to add just the right detail to the faces, to bring them a life. Took the canvas off the wall and got it to my house. Planning to stretch on the 28th then it is the final painting stages and deliver on the 10th of April.



MAR 19

Focusing in on the painting now. I am planning to stretch it on to stretchers at the end of the week, so I want to add any hand-cut details before then. I was able to pull of a fresh falcon that will bring the hand-cut elements down into the piece. Getting some new spray paint colors to create the design. I am loving this painting myself.



MAR 12

Painting this thing out.  Worked on adding a little gourd to the left side and started playing with the school/church on the right side. A bunch of color added. Thinking of what I can do to the background to tie it in horizontally. As soon as I get back from Los Angeles, I am going to stretch it and finish it up as a stretched final piece.




Did a lot of detail work this session. Starting to find places on the piece to add more of the hand-cut elements. Everything seems to be on schedule. Want to start the stretching process around the 24 of this month and have ready to deliver by the 28th. Schedule delivery is end of Marh




Straight painting from this point on. Adding a little shadows throughout, then want to establish the ground and background. Getting my stuff to start the handcut designs throughout the piece. Going good, loving the painting.



FEB 28

Objective this time around was to cast up my illustration onto the large canvas. Was able to score an old school overhead projector which always works best for large castings.



PROCESS: Atlanta Commission Painting (Part 5) Getting to lay down the main illustration. Pretty much going to dictate the direction of the painting from this point. Looking fresh and getting more excited to work on it each time. TheCreativeLife.com artist John Tindel will be creating a 12' x 5' painting for a new hotel in Atlanta.


Started from this point on the painting.

Close up of studio wall and painting

After projecting the image onto the canvas


Detail of painting so far



FEB 22

Created a little bit more chaos on the piece. I am about to get ready to cast the drawing/image up onto the piece. Once the scene is set, the painting will start to explode.

PROCESS: Atlanta Commission Painting (Part 4) In this little video I am creating a little bit of purposeful chaos. I need to start to get this background ready for the image I am going to add to it to create the scene. Stay tuned.


FEB 16

Bringing the chaos! Trying to deepen the layers within the painting, and at the same time give me enough chaos in the painting so that when I start the actual image, it can work within the layers.


PROCESS: Atlanta Commission Painting (Part 3) In this little video I am trying to create chaos, so that I can work another layer into it. The more chaos and contradictions, allow me to work out images. TheCreativeLife.com artist John Tindel will be creating a 12' x 5' painting for a new hotel in Atlanta.



FEB 10

Note to Self: Need to buy paint. I wanted to get a base layer of paint onto the canvas during this round. Not paying attention to the color scheme at this point, just want to set an under layer and a little chaos.


PROCESS: Atlanta Commission Painting (Part2) Laying down some background paint. Mainly just to get the canvas colored. I will choose the palette next and start painting the background. TheCreativeLife.com artist John Tindel will be creating a 12' x 5' painting for a new hotel in Atlanta.




Okay, 12' is large once you cut the canvas. Was a little hard finding somewhere to paint this beast. My studio wall was just big enough. I was able to get the canvas up on the wall and stretched enough to start working out the wrinkles and laying in some background chaos. STAY TUNED. Paints come out next.



JAN 23

Took a couple of days and laid out a digital sketch of the basic underpainting for this piece. It is pretty detailed, but it is something that if I get this on the canvas, I can add and subtract this into an amazing piece. I made this sketch grey, so I can figure out the colors later. Needs to be explosive colors in the end. Going to also include a few ideas in a color board style for later in the process.