City of Atlanta Bike Rack by John Tindel


I was chosen to do a custom bike rack for the City of Atlanta, sponsored by the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs. I was excited to be chosen and really liked anticipating the challenge that this project would offer. The following post is to showcase how I got the project, planned the project and was able to create the bike rack mural that will be displayed in the City I call home.


I wanted to share the presentation that got me the gig. Keep it simple, clean and to the point. I concentrated 90% of the time to the mockup of the bike. See below to see the entire proposal. Hope it helps.



Below are photos of the process. Each photo has a description of what where I am at in this process. With a new type of paint and a new surface, this was a little tricky to start and took some test runs to figure out the application of the paint. Once, I got a hang of it, it was on.



I think that I finished it! See below for a quick preview of complete Atlanta Bike Rack Project for The Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs.