The Assembling of an Assemblage 


I spent a decade working with Michi Meko who has turned out to be an amazing assemblage artist. So Taught by the best I guess. I want to documenting more of the process of each piece. The outcome is the outcome. I want to try to uncover a little bit of how the intuition comes about. How you know how to put a piece in the right place. 

For this piece, I have been saving an old bench my Grandma gave me. It has since broken into its granular pieces. I also have some leather that my other Granddad used to train horses. Combined with all the random art decade of stuff that I have laying around, I have my ingredients. Now really I sit with them. Be with them. Touch them. Move them around. Stack them. Spread them out. Get a feel for what pieces I have.

At first I was thinking of cutting all the old bench pieces and fix them to the inside of the frame. Kind of like creating a wood panel to paint on out of the bench. I guess kind of like the ladder. However, I couldn't bring myself to cut the bench pieces. I really want them to stay as they are. They are my Grandma.

 So, I gathered more pieces to this puzzle and have started to develop some ideas as to showcase this little sliver of history. The story will continue...