Studio Sale! Cleaning Out the Think Tank

Studio Sale! Cleaning Out the Think Tank

I need space. I need to evolve. I need to get rid of this artwork.

Take a look at the gallery below, or download the pdf and see what John Tindel has available. He has been known to burn paintings to make room for new ones. Just sayin'. If you are seriously interested in any or all the pieces, contact us and we will get you a price list.

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Art Journal 7.30.12

Lots of family time, mountain trips and Great Grandma's House.  Began the wall for Art, Betas & Lyrics Tour.  Need to get on the painting for the wall.

ART SHOWS: Art Beats and Lyrics + Gentleman Jack + TINDEL

I have been creating artwork for this traveling tour for awhile now.  I wanted to put together some of the photos from the event.  I call the artwork that I have done for Art, Beats and Lyrics, "Post Graffiti Folk Expressionism".

Art and music were once the voice of the people. It was an underground movement driven by the need for expression. Somewhere along the way, art became available only to the elite and music profited only the few. At that point the artist lost control of their creation. Art, Beats + Lyrics is taking it back.

Visit Art, Beats and Lyrics to see when it is coming to your town. To see learn more about the paintings visit The Artwork section.