TCP • 6th Annual Benefit • VIP Preview of NINE

Join us for 6th Annual Benefit & VIP Preview of "NINE"

"NINE" Showcases the aesthetic exploration of our artists as they expand their visual vernacular and continue to move towards promising creative horizons while in residence with TCP. It is a celebration of the organization's continued success and the residual impact of the generous support we have gained from our city and its communities, with contributions of time, resources, and an overall spirit of giving.


Grand Central Takeover

OOH Grand Central Takeover Ad Campaign

As marketers descend on New York for Advertising Week, those traveling through Grand Central Terminal found themselves surrounded by ads for YP, the company formerly known as the Yellow Pages. YP unveiled a “station domination” of Grand Central, covering the popular transport hub with ads for its “YP Can Do That” campaign through.

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Prissy Tomboy Website Design


Good Food Truck


"The Truck sort of found us – we saw it and instantly fell in love with it. Once we raised the money to fix it up, we set out to create a unique menu in easy-to-carry street food configurations, influenced by local Southern comfort food as well as Asian, Mexican, and Indian flavors. There’s also a healthy dose of whatever we think tastes good with fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farms!"

It is not a huge brand, but it is full of that good ol southern charm. Good Food Truck has taken their brand and won every food truck award, been in cosmopolitan, food channel and every other press outlet and food review you can think of. From one truck to three trucks and full catering and event menu. The little brand that can. The GOOD FOOD TRUCK branding work was done for a lifetime supply of their famous "poodle".

More info coming soon.



Living Style Guide

CMG's, with 180 digital properties had little to no control over brand standards. they needed a resource that could evolve with the large number of brands, as well as a standard bearer to pull brand information from. Extensive UX/UI research, prototypes, designs and development. Modular, responsive and designed to expand as their brand does.


UX Discovery & project scope for Living Style Guide





Web Design: Soda Salon


Prissy Tomboy Brand Identity


A powerful, yet pretty identity for Prissy Tomboy Athletics.

Prissy Tomboy is the go-to guide for empowering and inspiring girls and women of all fitness levels and ages to lead a healthy lifestyle through fitness, sports and adventure. We empower girls and women to find faith in their strength and lead healthy, confident lives by connecting our members with resources, activities, publicity and funding opportunities to support their fitness, sport and adventure goals— whether that means jumpstarting a healthier lifestyle or competing at the highest level. Our long-term hope is that our alumni will pay it forward by becoming Prissy Tomboy mentors who help other the next generation discover their passion and change their lives.



Local Search App

Google searches for everything.
YP® finds local.

YP® created an amazing app when they rebranded and became a digital powerhouse. The Creative life was tasked with coming up with a new look for the app and to surface some of the most used features in a minimal clean UI.

Two concepts were pitched to explore two directions in UX.



Intelligent Collateral System Pitch

Project Description: YP® is the leading local search marketer in the nation. During the reinvention of this legacy company into a digital monster, a huge issue had to be addressed.  Working with my creative director & copywriter to develop a collateral system that would keep all sales collateral within brand guidelines and rated by effectiveness. This pitch would embed a collateral system within their proprietary new sales tool.