Local Search App

Google searches for everything.
YP® finds local.

YP® created an amazing app when they rebranded and became a digital powerhouse. The Creative life was tasked with coming up with a new look for the app and to surface some of the most used features in a minimal clean UI.

Two concepts were pitched to explore two directions in UX.



Intelligent Collateral System Pitch

Project Description: YP® is the leading local search marketer in the nation. During the reinvention of this legacy company into a digital monster, a huge issue had to be addressed.  Working with my creative director & copywriter to develop a collateral system that would keep all sales collateral within brand guidelines and rated by effectiveness. This pitch would embed a collateral system within their proprietary new sales tool.



Email Strategy + Creative


Email Marketing Strategy

Creative direction & design for email marketing strategy for both b2b and b2cemail campaigns.

Creative Director & Copywriter + Stakeholders & VP's

Email Rebrand V2.png

App Tip Series

Getting to know an app through strategic email marketing and design. A triggered series of emails showcasing a tip to use the app functionality and also a quick overview of one of the most used features.